Life can change in a heartbeat. You never know when changes could happen, but do you know how to protect the ones you love when/if it does? You start a family and learn what it really means to love. What would happen if you are no longer there to take care of your love ones?

February, Valentine, is the perfect annual reminder to ensure that the ones you love are protected through proper estate planning and its execution. Candy gets eaten. Flowers will eventually die, but a proper estate planning can last a lifetime. The main reason to write a Will or set up a Trust is because you love your love ones and want to protect them by ensuring that they have a peace of mind and minimise any disputes should anything ever happen to you.

You have always plan for everything in Life, why leave your Final Wishes unplanned? While nothing can replace you, having a proper Will written means that should anything happen to you, your Loved Ones would be taken care of just like how you would have wanted it if you are around.

A Will is inextricably bound with love. A Will helps to protect the ones you love, and it requires thoughtful planning and compassion.

Now is the perfect time to review your existing Will for any updates or to write a Will to protect your loved ones. Why not say “I love you” to the most important people in your life by letting them know they’ll always be taken care of?

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