Let’s face it as a high net worth individual, you’ve probably racked up a hefty amount of assets in your portfolio, but not all assets give a cash back. That’s why we have compiled a list of four intangible and fixed assets that you should be investing in.

Types of Fixed Assets That You Should Be Investing

1. Artworks

No, your gorgeous Tesla X car might be a masterpiece and all, but it doesn’t count as an artwork. What we mean to say when we say artworks are basically works of art like paintings, sculptures, and ceramics. Works of art that gain cash over the years through capital appreciation. These rack up a hefty amount in themselves as they age with time, turning that 5k USD painting you bought in Italy into a million dollar work of art years from now. Your grandmother’s ceramic, which she passed down to you will be worth more than what she paid for it back in her time. The bonus point of these investments is that you can display them in your house for everyone to see and enjoy.

2. Wine

If you’re an avid wine drinker, maybe it’s time you considered collecting this precious drink. Wine is a Veblen good, which means that their price increases as they age with time. A 20-year-old wine will cost more than a 1-year-old wine. So consider investing this beverage enjoy it, and want to have a basement full of wine that increases in value as it ages. Just remember to keep it with proper storing, because like assets that require asset management, wine also needs proper care.

3. Rental Properties

Did you buy a nice lot overlooking a nice view? Great, now what do you intend to do with it? Are you planning to turn it into your very own golf course? Now, how about this. Turn it into a rental property! Build a nice house or apartment complex that you can rent to other people. You keep your property right and earn back the money you used to buy the lot. If you want to create a good source of income, then consider creating a rental property.

4. Stocks

The stock market is one of the best and riskiest places to put your money on. Investing in the stock market allows you to be intellectual in your estate planning. You think about the cost and what risks you are going to face if you invest in a low performing company. You will be forced to analyse, compare data, and be smart with your money. It may appear as a tedious process now, but in the long run, you will reap what you sow. If you planted well then, look forward to a future of big dividends and high capital appreciation.

Your asset growth and net assets depend on your ability to be smart and vigilant with your cash. And fixed assets and intangible assets are good choices of investment especially if you want to see your properties grow from one million to multi-million.