Trustee Services

Incorporated in March 2008, Rockwills Trustee Ltd. (“Rockwills Trustee”) is a subsidiary of Rockwills International Pte. Ltd., Singapore. Rockwills Trustee aims to be one of the leading trust companies in Singapore, providing trust services which consist of acting as trustee and providing trust administration services as well as creation of trusts primarily for clients in the mass affluent market.

Rockwills Trustee Ltd offers both innovative and practical trust products and personalized services customized to meet all your special needs:

Private Trustee Services

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Corporate Services




Corporate Trustee Services

Escrow Services

To hold monies and deposits in corporate transactions pending satisfaction of contractual contingency or condition. Once the condition has been fully met, Rockwills as the escrow agent will deliver the asset to the party prescribed by the contract.

Agency Services

Agent for receiving documents, asset and property holding transactions, offshore asset planning, company management and administration.

Trustee for Pension Funds

ssist in the set up of a suitable structure for the benefit of present and future employees of an organization or their dependents. Rockwills Trustee can draw up a Trust Deed with the relevant rules for the participation, entitlement, management, investment and distribution of the monies constituting the fund.

Private Trust Companies

If you do not wish to transfer the ownership of your assets to the Trustee (in the case of a traditional trust), Rockwills Trustee can also assist you in setting up a special purpose vehicle called a Private Trust Company (PTC) where your family members can be the shareholders as well as the directors to maintain direct control over the trust assets.