Businessman Shee Kok Chong, 66, who was killed in the SilkAir crash last December left behind several factories and properties in China and Indonesia worth more than $180 million.

But he apparently failed to leave a will to divide his assets among his offspring from two marriages.

Two of his children, Mr Danny Shee Yiu Pheng, 43, and Ms Elissa Shee Ching Fun placed quarter-page advertisements in The Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao yesterday.

Their advertisements seek information on any will their late father might have made before his sudden death.

Both Mr Shee and Ms Shee are now living in the United States.

They have appointed lawyers Lee Beng Tat and Simon Tan, from the Cecil Street Law firm Lee Chiew and Simon to help them in the search for the will.

When contacted yesterday, Mr Lee declined to comment on the advertisements. The Sunday Times was unable to reach his clients in the US last night.

The dead man had another daughter, Adelena, from his second marriage to Ms Margaret Fung.

He had been in the construction business, and had a US$100-million (S$169 million) development in Hefei city, Anhui province, called Singapore Garden City, and a US$15-million factory in Ningbo city.

He had not been scheduled to fly on SilkAir’s M1 185. He wanted to fly Singapore Airlines but could not get a seat, and switched to the SilkAir flight.

He visited Indonesia every month to oversee his factory operations there and to pay his employees.

*NO WILL – If like Mr Shee (above), a person does not make a will, his assets will be distributed by the rules of intestacy as laid down in the Intestate Succession Act, half of the estate goes to the spouse and the rest is divided equally among the children.