Wealth Management and asset management are important aspects to take into consideration for any HNWI. The impact of misuse of financial resources lead to wealth dissipating as it is passed from one generation to the next. But what factors are placed into the spotlight when choosing where and which company will you trust your wealth and assets to? Financial planning that is well formulated and executed can lead to generation after generation of wealth creation and accumulation. Here are four things to consider in choosing asset or wealth management firm.

Select the Right Jurisdiction

Put into consideration the location of the wealth management firm you want to entrusts your wealth and assets to. Select a jurisdiction that has a reputable regulatory and legal framework, with a wide selection of financial services professionals, with lawyers and accountants, corporate, and trustee and fiduciary providers, which are all involved in the wealth management, financial planning and real estate planning process.

Choosing the wrong place with a very lenient regulatory process towards trust management and banking can have bad results. The scenario of embezzlement, fraud and bankruptcy is a nightmare for any person whose money and assets have been entrusted to such firms most especially if the country or city your firm is located in has no laws to protect the trustor or the grantor and his/her beneficiary.

Well established financial centers like Singapore or Hong Kong are good places to consider in choosing wealth management firms and companies. Stable and well-regulated financial centres guarantee that trust and assets placed in the hands of companies like Rockwills will be protected by regulatory laws concerning wealth management.

Put Emphasis on Transparency

Transparency is crucial for any business transaction and much more for firms that handle wealth and investments. It is necessary for those handling asset management and investments to be transparent both to the grantor and to the beneficiary once the estate has been passed on. This transparency not only applies to investments and assets accumulated over time it must also be transparent to authorities especially in the payment of taxes. Full disclosure of assets is a must to avoid case of tax evasion. Having hidden assets is a ticking time bomb for the client, his/her family members and the company. Always be mindful and do research on the company before entrusting them with your assets.

Check Their Variety of Investments Off or On Shore

Take into account the number of investments and vehicles of holding wealth and investments that the firm has. Examples of such means of holding and generating are offshore companies, trusts, foundations, protected cell companies, private equity and offshore funds and other special vehicles of investments. These outlets of cash and source of inflow should be stable and of reputable status.

When the choice has been made on the wealth and asset management firm that you like, it is then a must that you consider all legal aspects involving your choice of cash outlet. The legal aspects of vehicles of assets include the governing law where the firm is located, the tax implications on ownership, tax on income and capital gains as well as the enforceability of rights and ownership.

Look for Minimizations on Tax

Seek tax advantages or minimize taxes relating to the proposed investments that way you can ensure that your money and your assets are used to the full potential. If you are planning to choose a wealth management firm in Singapore like Rockwills, for example, make sure you check if there are tax incentives as well as the availability of double tax treaties.

Estate duty is also another things, most countries have enforced laws concerning taxes on inheritance or inheritance tax. These taxes on assets left behind by persons upon their death are practiced by countries such as US, Japan, UK, France and many others, these deductions can range from 4% up to 55 %. The goods are that there are countries that do not place estate tax or duty on money inherited by individuals, countries like Singapore have removed estate tax.


The wealth management firm you choose will be your wealth’s guardian so care must be taken when choosing one after all the wrong choice can lead to your beneficiaries getting nothing out of your hard work instead of inheriting everything you intended for them to have.