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Rockwills Institute Pte Ltd is the education and training arm of the Rockwills Singapore Group.

Rockwills Institute holds the exclusive appointment to provide the STEP Certificate for Financial Services – Trusts and Estate Planning Singapore, a certification program for financial services professionals in the financial advisory, insurance, banking and other industries. The course serves to enhance the breadth and depth of their knowledge to enable them to integrate wealth management and estate planning services for their clients. On successful completion of the STEP program, a participant is entitled to become an Affiliate Member of STEP.

Rockwills Institute is also the exclusive course provider of the Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP) designation Certification Program, a practical and marketing-based course for financial advisers to enable them to offer estate planning advice to enhance their core services.

In addition, it provides training courses and seminars in estate planning for Rockwills’ estate planners and for members of the public.

STEP Certificate

This course has been developed to help financial intermediaries understand the legal issues concerned in financial and estate planning in Singapore.

Trusts and Estate Planning has emerged in Singapore as a growing area in the sphere of wealth management. Many Financial Services Professionals (FSPs) are seeing such planning as new opportunities that they could tap into as part of their value proposition to clients. With the breadth and scope involved in trusts and estate planning, the expertise has been largely confined to the specialists offering such services. Rockwills Institute plays a leading role in educating professionals in this area.

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AEPP ® Certificate

The 21st century wealth planner is one who has a firm grasp of wealth protection, accumulation & preservation and distribution. There is also an increasing demand for those who can add value through specialized skills like estate planning. The Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP®) courseware and accreditation is a practical, field-tested program that was specially designed to address the growing needs for such specialized skill. It is awarded by the Society of Will Writers & Estate Planning Practitioner (SWWEPP) of the UK and the Estate Planning Practitioners Limited (EPPL). Since April 2007, it has benefited more than 600 practitioners in the banking and financial planning industry. This is a practical and marketing based course for financial advisers wishing to use estate planning to enhance their core advisory services. Furthermore, this program can then help financial planning practitioners upgrade their practice so that they can confidently move up-market through estate planning.


AEPP ® Certificate Program


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