A 61-year-old woman from China is now demanding to inherit her recently-deceased “husband’s” S$200,000 CPF money. This was a fake marriage between Diao Yen Mei, from China, and Sun Shui Yuan.

52-year-old divorcee Singaporean, Sun Shui Yuan, died from brain hemorrhage in August 2013. When he was alive, he married a China woman 5 years older than him, Diao Yen Mei, in Oct 2012, in order to receive S$4,000 in lump sum and a monthly payment. Diao Yen Mei was also a divorcee and a dependent pass visa holder in Singapore for her son on a student visa. She is currently a Permanent Resident of Singapore. When the Singaporean was alive, the two did not live together because Diao Yen Mei alleged that her husband wants to sleep in the same room as his mother. The two met only once a week for dinner and dates, she claimed. When the Singaporean died, Diao Yen Mei didn’t even know about his death.

When the China woman heard that Sun Shui Yuan died, she demanded to inherit his S$200,000 CPF money. However, this was stopped and contested by Sun Shui Yuan’s sisters. When Sun Shui Yuan was alive, he nominated his two sisters in his will in 2009. However, the fake marriage in 2012 automatically voided the will under the CPF law.

The case is still pending.

What was the problem?

The late Mr Sun did not rewrite his will. According to Wills act, a will of a person will be revoked after marriage (except in certain cases).

The later Mr Sun did not do a re-nomination for his CPF money to the beneficiaries which he wants to give after his marriage. Therefore, upon marriage, his nomination is revoked. Please note that CPF money are not covered under your will (reference from CPF Board).

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