THE mother of late Cantopop singer Anita Mui has lost her appeal to gain full control of her daughter’s assets worth nearly HK$100 million (S$15.9 million).

According to AsiaOne, Madam Tam Mei-Kam had filed for appeal soon after Anita passed away from cervical cancer in 2003. She mentioned that the late Anita was not in the right state of mind when drafting the will.

Anita had arranged a monthly allowance of HK$70,000 for her mother through a trust fund. Education funds of HK$1.7 million was allocated for the children of her second brother and sister. She also gave two properties to her best friend and popular fashion designer Eddie Lau. This was written in her will.

She also stated that her estate would be donated to the New Horizon Buddhist Association after her mother passes away.

According to Daily Chilli, it was reported that the late Anita wanted to make sure her mother would lead a comfortable life but was also worried that her mother would not be able to manage the finances well if she gains control of her estate.

The Hong Kong’s Court of Final Appeal dismissed the appeal filed by Madam Tam and Anita’s elder brother Peter.

The court also ruled that Anita’s estate continues to be monitored by the trust fund, while Madam Tam’s monthly allowance was increased to HK$120,000.