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Will Writing Services

Rockwills Corporation Pte Ltd is a member of the PreceptsGroup International with operations in Malaysia and Singapore. Rockwills Corporation first started in Malaysia to provide personalized Estate Planning and Custody Service. The Group has written more than 200,000 wills and is today, the clear market leader and No. 1 Estate Planning company in the region. Its core business is providing Will-Writing, Will Custody and Trust Services through the appointment of Estate Planners based on a franchise format.

Trustee Services

Incorporated in March 2008, Rockwills Trustee Ltd. (“Rockwills Trustee”) is a subsidiary of Rockwills International Pte. Ltd., Singapore. Rockwills Trustee aims to be one of the leading trust companies in Singapore, providing trust services which consist of acting as trustee and providing trust administration services as well as creation of trusts primarily for clients in the mass affluent market.

Corporate Services

In 2008, Rockwills Corporate Services acquired the business of Lexico Corporate Services Pte. Ltd., an entity which has since 1993, played a strategic business role for its clients. In today’s competitive environment it is important that you concentrate on your core business and what you do best – driving your profit centre to its full potential. Rockwills, by taking care of your corporate secretarial, offshore and administrative needs, frees you to be totally focused on your business.

Education Services

Rockwills Institute holds the exclusive appointment to provide the STEP Certificate for Financial Services – Trusts and Estate Planning (Singapore), a certification program for financial services professionals in the financial advisory, insurance, banking and other industries. The course serves to enhance the breadth and depth of their knowledge to enable them to integrate wealth management and estate planning services for their clients. On successful completion of the STEP program, a participant is entitled to become an Affiliate Member of STEP. Rockwills Institute is also the exclusive course provider of the Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP) designation Certification Program, a practical and marketing-based course for financial advisers to enable them to offer estate planning advice to enhance their core services. In addition, it provides training courses and seminars in estate planning for Rockwills’ estate planners and for members of the public.

What People Think About US

After some marriages and the birth of my grandchildren, I am concerned about my new family dynamics. Thank you for ensuring my Will covers all the necessary areas so that my children will not be troubled.

Mr. Steven Lee


What People Think About US

Initially I thought price was my only concern.
I am glad Rockwills Estate Planners are very experienced and can point out issues I was not aware of. Better to be clear than to leave a mess behind.

Madame Wong SC


What People Think About US

As a Single, I am glad Rockwills Trustee, a Corporate Trustee, can serve as my Executor and LPA’s Donee. I am assured that when the day comes, my assets will be taken care.

Ms. Laura Tan



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