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Why do I need a Will?

If there is no will, your family members could end up engaged in a cumbersome and lengthy process before your assets could legally be passed on to them. This could be at a time when they are most vulnerable, especially when untimely death has occurred. Sometimes, they could become involved in a long drawn process with the law. Disputes amongst family members may lead to a complicated legal battle.

When there is no will, the law decides on the persons who are to benefit from your estate. This is termed "intestacy". You should never assume that your assets would go to the persons you want to benefit. In Singapore, the rules governing the distribution of an intestate's property are stated in the Intestate Succession Act (Cap 146). There are prescribed rules for distribution and, these rules may not be in line with your distribution wishes. Leave nothing to chance. Make a will and the law will protect your wishes.

With a will, you can;

  • Decide who your beneficiaries shall be

  • Decide the persons whom you wish to entrust with the responsibility of dealing with and distributing your estate

  • Determine the specific assets that are to be given to each beneficiary and when they are to receive such gifts

  • Specify which assets should first be used topay your debts

  • Expedite probate and avoid the need for an administration bond

  • Appoint guardians for minor children

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