What if I am appointed as an executor in a Will?

If the deceased leaves behind a Will, they would have appointed a person to execute his or her Will. This person is known as the executor. So what happens when you are appointed as the executor of a Will? Is it very troublesome? Do I have any liabilities as an executor? Continue Read

Protect your estate from your ex-spouse

Going through a divorce will strain you emotionally. After the battle for the matrimonial assets and child custody is over and both parties have come to an agreement for the settlement, you feel some relief, thinking that you can move on with your separate lives. Continue Read

Why CPF monies, shares of HDB flats are not automatically covered in a Will?

Under the CPF Act, CPF monies do not form part of the deceased's estate and therefore are not covered by a Will. As a working Singaporean, who is also a CPF member, you will have some CPF monies. Continue Read

Giving your children inheritance when they are still young?

Although life expectancy is getting higher, there have been many unforeseen circumstances happening in these decades, such as the mysterious disappearance of MH370, traffic accidents and many others. The loved ones are left behind, emotionally stranded and sometimes, financially stranded. Continue Read

Reasons Why Young Parents Need to Write Their Wills

As you take on a new parental journey, it is a brand-new beginning and your responsibility increases. There is a need for you and your spouse to write a Will. So here are some reasons why young parents need a Will Continue Read

Preventing Disputes over Claims on Your Estate

When you pass away, we believe you will want your loved ones to remember you with a smile. Death is agonizing enough without the added pain of heir warfare. Here are some warning signs that there might be fights in your family when you are gone. Continue Read

What happens after Valentine's day?

Life can change in a heartbeat. You never know when changes could happen, but do you know how to protect the ones you love when/if it does? You start a family and learn what it really means to love. What would happen if you are no longer there to take care of your love ones? Continue Read

Preserving my Business Using Business Value Protection Trust

Most SME businesses in Singapore are formed under partnership or with multiple shareholders. Most entrepreneur are busy running the business and most likely ignore the planning their exit strategy in the event of death of their partners(shareholders) or themselves. Continue Read

What is LPA (Lasting Power of Attorney) and why do you need them?

Social and Family Development Minister Tan Chuan-Jin said on Monday (Aug 15) on the MSF Conversations blog: "We spend much of our lives planning for our future - from simple things like what to have for lunch, to more complex things like our career path or family planning." Continue Read

Your Key to Comprehensive Financial Planning

Join us as a Rockwills Estate Planner. Not only will you improve your income, you will also make a positive difference to the lives of your clients and their families. You can help them avoid hardships and disputes in the settling and distribution of their properties and assets. Continue Read