Will writing seen as taboo among some Singaporeans

The dispute over a will left by former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew has thrown the spotlight on a legal document, and process, that some in Singapore still consider taboo. Continue Read

Prince estate's $42.5m distribution deal rescinded

Five months ago, the estate of Prince announced a major deal with the Universal Music Group for distribution rights for a substantial portion of the music star's vast catalogue. The largest of a series of multimillion-dollar contracts lined up in the months after he died, it was estimated at US$31 million (S$42.5 million). Continue Read

Why many delay making their wills and trusts

Many Singaporeans have delayed making their wills and trusts, partly because they just don't know how to go about it and also because they do not know who they could appoint as an executor or trustee. Continue Read

Court orders man to return $1.1m to dad's estate in feud

A bag containing more than $1 million that was stashed in the false ceiling of a Pasir Panjang house was among the assets brought to light in an estate feud between two brothers. Continue Read

Malaysian tycoon's children in legal tussle over 4 firms

The children of a Malaysian property tycoon are tussling in the High Court over four family-owned companies, one of which holds 32 units in Bukit Timah Shopping Centre valued at about $68 million. Continue Read

OG founder's son loses tax battle over dad's estate

Have you seen the recent article whereby the son of late OG department store founder Mr Tay Tee Peng lost a $27.9 million (S$29.6 million) tax fight in an Australian court, which ruled the amount was to be paid for 33 million shares in real estate company Memocorp Australia which he acquired from his father's estate? Continue Read

Ex-husband and her family fighting for the custody of the children

The ex-husband of the late businesswoman has been accused of taking grandchildren away from the grandparents and did not allow them to visit the children. Both parties are now fighting for the custody of the children. Continue Read

Final will upheld in dispute over Yeo family properties

In 2002, the wife of one of the founding directors of food and beverage company Yeo Hiap Seng made a will, leaving one house each to her elder son's two children. Continue Read

Liposuction death: Apex court cuts total sum awarded to family of Franklin Heng

Singapore's highest court has reduced the amount of money awarded to the family of a real estate businessman who sued his doctors after he died on the operating table, especially with regard to how much his children stood to lose in their inheritance with his death. Continue Read

Estate of reclusive sisters now open to claims

The single-storey terrace house at 17 Jalan Batai, in which the skeletons of two elderly women were discovered - nearly a decade apart - may soon lie empty no more. Continue Read

Son loses bid to have dad's 'secret will' recognised

The only son of a late Chinese businessman has lost a High Court bid to recognise a secret handwritten will supposedly made by his father, after a judge called the circumstances surrounding it "suspicious". Continue Read

Sisters give up bid for grandma's CPF money

They were hoping to use their late grandmother's Central Provident Fund (CPF) savings to pay her funeral expenses. But after waiting for more than a year, property agent Chan Jee May and her two sisters have decided to give up the fight. Continue Read

Family in court tussle over $540,000 estate

SINGAPORE - A family inheritance dispute over a $540,000 flat has ended with the defendants being ordered to pay the plaintiffs more than $290,000, after the judge branded the defendants' case "a pack of lies". Continue Read

Taiwanese woman held over suspected fraud after she wed terminally-ill Singaporean days before he died

A Taiwanese woman has been arrested after she allegedly coerced a terminally-ill Singaporean businessman to marry her just 18 days before his death, media reports said. Continue Read

Handicapped man taken to court by siblings over inheritance dispute in southern Vietnam

Six siblings in the Mekong Delta province of Kien Giang took their handicapped brother to court on 6th May 2016, claiming the will of their deceased mother had unfairly favoured the man. Continue Read

Muhammad Ali leaves behind a tangled family legacy - and finances

Muhammad Ali leaves behind a personal legacy that includes four marriages, nine acknowledged children, skirmishes with bankruptcy and the complications of 30 years of declining health. He also leaves an opportunity for his beneficiaries to make millions. Continue Read

China woman demand to inherit deceased fake marriage husband's S$200K CPF

A 61-year-old woman from China is now demanding to inherit her recently-deceased "husband's" S$200,000 CPF money. This was a fake marriage between Diao Yen Mei, from China, and Sun Shui Yuan. Continue Read

Woman sues grandkids for trying to sell HDB flat

Mdm Tan says, for 26 years, she has paid the Housing Board $277 each month - mortgage instalments for the three-room flat that she lives in and paid over $117,000, including upgrading costs and conservancy charges but she might soon have to leave her home because she learnt that her granddaughters were trying to sell the flat. Continue Read

Trustee Jailed For Pocketing $176,000

A businessman who embezzled more than $176,000, which was meant to pay for the upkeep of a mosque in Yemen, was jailed for almost three years on Friday. Continue Read

High Court Dismisses Yang Yin's Appeal Over Widow's Will

The High Court has dismissed an appeal by former China tour guide Yang Yin to set aside a wealthy widow's new will and have the application reheard. Continue Read

Prince Died Without A Will. Here's What Happens Now

When a prince dies, there are very strict rules that dictate what happens to his fortune, set in stone long ago by the institution of monarchy. But not in this case. Following Prince's death last Thursday, his sister has filed documents that state the music icon did not have a will. Prince, it appears, died "intestate." So what's going to happen? Continue Read

'Favourite Child' Wins Dispute Over Will

The youngest of six siblings has won a court fight with her sister over their late mother's two contrasting wills, making her practically the sole heir to an estate worth millions. Continue Read

SilkAir Victim's Children Search For Father's Will

Businessman Shee Kok Chong, 66, who was killed in the SilkAir crash last December left behind several factories and properties in China and Indonesia worth more than $180 million. Continue Read

Anita Mui's mum loses battle over will

THE mother of late Cantopop singer Anita Mui has lost her appeal to gain full control of her daughter's assets worth nearly HK$100 million (S$15.9 million). Madam Tam Mei-Kam had filed for appeal shortly after Anita passed away from cervical cancer in 2003. She claimed the late singer was not of sound mind when she made the will. Continue Read

Whitney Houston's Millions: What Bobbi Kristina Brown May Leave Behind and Who Stands to Gain

Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of late singer Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, died on Sunday, July 26 at the age of 22. Brown was the sole beneficiary of Houston's fortune when the music legend died in 2012. Continue Read

Bowie Bonds: A Look at David Bowie's Innovative Estate Plan

Eager to overcome his fiscal problems while retaining ultimate rights to his music, Bowie devised an ingenious plan that accomplished both goals, all while creating a lasting intellectual property dynasty that will benefit his surviving wife and children for years to come. Continue Read

Liposuction Death: Property Boss Franklin Heng's Family Awarded $5.3m

THE family of real estate firm boss Franklin Heng, who died after being given too much anaesthesia during a botched liposuction, has been awarded $5.323 million. Continue Read

Coffee-shop assistant agreed to $200k inheritance but will now get over $2m instead

A coffee-shop assistant who was offered $200,000 will now get more than $2million, after the apex court ruled that her late father's estate was to be shared based on intestacy rules on the division of assets and not on a note left by the patriarch. Continue Read

Chinese painter's son loses $382m inheritance case against mother

Chinese painter's son who sued his 95-year-old mother over the estimated (S$382 million) artistic treasure trove left by his father has lost the case. Continue Read

18 sue lawyers over lost inheritance

Eighteen children and grandchildren of an Indonesian-Chinese businessman who lost their inheritance or had their share reduced as a result of his will being found invalid, have sued the lawyers who prepared the document. Continue Read

31 people claim share of $4m bungalow in Katong

Many of them have never met, yet all can trace their heritage to a small, rundown bungalow in Katong. Continue Read